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Owning a BEC Solar system is now within reach for more homeowners thanks to an update from partner Sungage Financial,Inc. (Sungage).
Homeowners can now finance roofs and batteries with the Sungage Solar Loan. The streamlined process involves just one application and one loan closing process making owning a quality product from your trusted energy advisors within reach.
Sungage already provides BEC Solar customers reliable access to a range of solar financing options to meet the different needs of many homeowners. They offer 5-, 10-, 15- and 20-year financing products with no money down options.
Contact BEC Solar for the right solar solution for your needs. 
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Readers of The Boerne Star Recently named BEC 2018 “Best of the Best” Internet Service Provider. The distinction is special because BEC has been providing fiber internet for a little more than a year.
According to a recent study by Consumer Reports, among the 176,000 members surveyed, smaller companies, municipal broadband and Google Fiber were ranked higher than bigger internet providers.
Overall, consumers want fast and reliable internet service, which is what BEC Fiber strives to deliver to customers.
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The results are in and BEC was named 2018 "Best of the Best" Internet Service Provider by readers of The Boerne Star.

Homes and businesses connected to BEC Fiber have access to symmetrical broadband service along with internet connection speeds up to 1 Gbps. Members in the service area have shown overwhelmingly enthusiastic responses when BEC Fiber arrives in their area.

Find out more about BEC Fiber and location availability by visiting banderaelectric.com/fiber
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A new report by GTM Research found that between half to three-fourths of Americans cannot access traditional rooftop solar. The report suggests community solar as a way to for low-to-moderate income residences to access renewable energy.
Currently, utilities are leading the way for community solar growth. More than 200 utilities, including BEC offer community solar.  So if you’re interested in renewable energy but cannot afford residential rooftop installations, contact us at 866-226-3372 or visit banderaelectric.com/communitysolar.
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