Rates & Fees

At BEC, one of our top priorities is providing the most reasonable electric rates possible to all of our member-owners.* In fact, it’s part of our mission.

Minimum Charges

Each billing period members are obligated to pay the following charges as a minimum, whether or not any energy is actually used:
  • The availability charge
  • Any applicable billing adjustments
  • Any applicable service fees

Residential Single-Phase Service

Charge Amount
Availability Charge $25.00 per meter
Delivery/Distribution Charge $0.021358 per kWh
Energy Charge $0.067075 per kWh
Fuel Cost Adjustment Varies

Time-Based Usage

BEC has developed some innovative ways to help our members save money. Time-Based usage is one of them. With TBU usage rates, electric charges vary based on the time of day and the season, unlike flat electric rates where you are charged the same amount for electricity no matter the time of day you use it. This voluntary program is designed to allow our members to reduce their energy bill by shifting their usage from on-peak to off-peak hours
Summer (June- Sept) Economy 11:01 p.m/-10 a.m $0.045200
Summer ( June-Sept) Normal 10:01 am-2 p.m 
Summer (June- Sept) Peak
2:01 p.m. to 6 p.m
Non-Summer (Oct–May) Economy
11:01 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Non-Summer (Oct–May) Normal
7:01 a.m. to 5 p.m.
7:01 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Non-Summer (Oct–May) Peak
5:01 p.m. to 7p.m.

*Reflected price is the energy cost only and does not include delivery fee, fuel cost adjustment, availability charge or other taxes and fees that may apply.


(Effective as of June 1, 2015) 
Charge Amount Descripition
Membership Fee $25 Payable upon application. Refundable if you leave the Co-op
Administrative Fee $25 New service connections (excluding transfers), disconnects and clearances
Meter Tampering Charge $750 Plus any other applicable fees. Charges will be paid prior to service being reconnected
Returned Check Fee $35  
Meter Test Fee $25 This fee is charged if the meter is found to be in compliance
Late Fee 5% Of delinquent bill amount
Delinquent Service Fee $100 This fee will be assessed if member account is to be connected after a non-payment disconnect. If reconnecting on a weekend, holiday or after hours, the enhanced service fee will be charged in addition to the delinquent service fee
Enhanced Service Fee $100 Must be paid before service is rendered for same day service, weekend, holiday and after hour requests 

Distributed Generation Fee
$250 Request distributed generation service less than 50kW
Member Request Fee $75 Voltage issues or outages not caused by BEC equipment, request for existing meter loop inspection, connect and disconnect of an existing outdoor light, other miscellaneous request by members. Call to speak with one of our Member Services representatives for more details.

Distributed Generation

Avoided wholesale power cost will be calculated by dividing the prior year’s total power purchase cost (excluding demand costs, transmission costs, ERCOT and related fees, and distribution costs) by the prior year’s total kWh’s purchased. The avoided cost will be adjusted once each calendar year, and the amount of the adjustment will be established no later than March 1.

Residential three-Phase Service

Charge Amount
Availability $35.00 per meter
Deliver/Distribution Charge $0.019442 per kWh
Energy $0.067075 per kWh
Fuel Cost Adjustment Varies

Underground Service

Charge Amount
Availability Charge - Single Phase $25.00 per meter
Availability Charge - Three Phase $35.00 per meter
Capacity Charge, per billing kW $1.55
Delivery/Distribution Charge $0.010000 per kWh
Energy Charge $0.067075 per kWh
Fuel Cost Adjustment Varies

Residential Large Power Accounts (LPS)

Members whose peak demand was equal to or greater than 50 kW for three months or more during the twelve-month period preceding the current billing fall into our Large Power Account group. Any new account with a transformer capacity of 50 kVA or greater that has not established a prior service history with the Cooperative shall be classified under the appropriate rate schedule in accordance with a demand estimate performed by the Cooperative. If an account’s highest kW load has been less than 50 kW more than nine times in a twelve month billing period that account will be placed on the General Service rate.
Charge Amount
Availability Charge $72.50 per meter
Capacity Charge, per billing kW $4.20
Large Power Energy Charge $0.065900
Fuel Cost Adjustment Varies

Outdoor Lights

Effective June 1, 2018

Charge Amount
175 Watts MV $12.75 monthly
400 Watt MV $21.00 monthly
100 Watts HPS $12.50 monthly
250 Watts HPS $20.75 monthly
50 Watt LED $10.00 monthly
80 Watt LED $11.00 monthly
100 Watt LED $14.00 monthly
Energy Charge (None for outdoor lights) None
Fuel Cost Adjustment Varies


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